Biennale d’Architettura di Venezia

Dolomiti Contemporanee
The six-legged deer is the brainchild of Giuseppe Vigolo, an Italian engraver, as part of Progettoborca, a regeneration platform for the former Eni Village in Corte di Cadore, launched in 2012 by Dolomiti Contemporanee with Minoter and the DC partner network. Eni's iconic logo, with the famous six-legged dog, undergoes an Alpine transfiguration. Just as it is in the DNA of DC: a transformative practice, which lives from the reality of sites, places, landscapes: cultivating identities through the contemporary. In 2018 DC is also in Arcipelago Italia. And here the forest, bent by recent events, is set against the backdrop of the lines of Arcipelago.The Dolomiti Contemporanee association needed a celebratory graphic that would convey the union and collaboration between it and the Italian pavilion. My role was to find a graphic solution that would render this union. So the same brand of Arcipelago Italia becomes a texture in which the six-legged deer is free to settle, as if it were its natural habitat.