Feb.-Mar. 2021

La nuova era del tempo sospeso.

Paolo Iabichino



#Ibridocene is a short essay that collects the reflections on the margins of a series of dialogues, conducted by Paolo Iabichino in the middle of the lockdown and closed with Luciano Floridi, who here provides a vademecum for the hybrid age, around the suspended time full of contradictions that all of us are living. The last few years have been those of a middle age that has gone beyond the fluidity of postmodernism to look out onto a contemporary that is difficult to decipher and define. The pandemic has accelerated a ford that had become urgent and necessary, but we cannot rely on the now infamous 'new normal' to cross this path. The new times call for an unprecedented effort, that of coexistence between poles that until recently seemed to be opposed. We are at an anthropological crossroads: on the one hand, a return to roads already beaten, on the other, a decidedly unexplored path where there are only a few traces, those of those who are trying to show mysterious routes, but full of new opportunities. #Ibridocene focuses attention on the themes of technology, which obviously has to come to terms with the criteria of empathy, but there is also language, the new way of being on the market and communicating, and last but not least the attention that each of us must pay to our digital twin, stuck inside a threshold made of atoms and bits.

I illustrated the cover and the inside of the book starting from the concepts suggested by the author. The graphic style is in line with that used in the series.