Sep. - Dec. 2020

Communication Design for the Territory

Masterly final synthesis laboratory
Teachers: Giovanni Baule, Daniela Calabi, Marco Quaggiotto, Clorinda Galasso

Andrea Barci, Caterina Cedone, Francesca Fincato, Marta Monti, Marco Previdi
Senticomesuona is not only a territorial enhancement project, but a format potentially applicable to every city in the world. This project on the enhancement of the city through the sounds and songwriters that have distinguished it was born in Genoa because of the great importance of sound for this city. The main artefact consists of a website with a map showing the places linked to the sounds of the city and dividing them into three "sounds of the city" levels: sounds of the city, the Scuola Genovese and the new school. From here or from the itineraries section one enters into the exploration of the places made from the sounds and songwriters that are inseparably linked to the physical places. However, the system also makes use of an application that takes you around the city in search of the sound places and provides in-depth information about them. However, Senticomesuona is also a brand, so a launch event, merchandising, advertising and signage for the city and a social campaign have also been planned. The most interesting feature of this project is the possibility of creating a site with the appropriate system which, using only two typefaces, a small colour palette and a photographic repertoire, can be expanded to each city.

Concept, Figma design, Interaction design, UI and UX, Content creator, Graphic Design, Group coordination.