Jun.-Jul. 2021

Tra token e blockchain, viaggio nell'economia immateriale.

Arturo Di Corinto, Luca Poma



In 2021 Bitcoin reached a value of over $60,000 per unit, but there are around 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the world and international research has shown that 100 million people trade them on a daily basis.How exactly do cryptocurrencies work? What is their purpose of use? Is it true that they are used by fraudsters and organised crime?To find an answer to these and other questions, the book features a long interview with Thomas Bertani, Italian opinion maker of the cryptomondo.The overview of his exceptional life extends to become a journey into this controversial sector, a domain of investigation that is sometimes misunderstood and often the victim of overly superficial journalistic narratives.The speculative events surrounding the Bitcoin 'bubble' and its alleged illegal use have created a sense of mistrust and distrust on the part of many citizens, without however stopping experimentation.#Cryptomania thus responds to the most widespread doubts and tries to predict ever closer scenarios.

I illustrated the cover and the inside of the book starting from the concepts suggested by the author. The graphic style is in line with that used in the series.