Jun. - Sep. 2020

Seguire le impronte umane sul digitale.

Alice Avallone



An essay to discover the hidden meaning of the small data that we daily sow on the Net through our tablets and smartphones.There are traces that do not have the shape of the soles of the feet, but depend on the fingertips of the hands. These are the fingerprints we leave every day on our devices, when we type search keys on the web, send hearts on social networks and swipe on apps. Tiny data that contains so much about us as human beings and can reveal the why behind behaviors, consumer choices, linguistic codes, cultural tensions. There is a subject that deals with mapping precisely this small data on the Net: it is called digital ethnography.

I illustrated the cover and the inside of the book starting from the concepts suggested by the author. The graphic style is in line with that used in the series.