Apr. - Jun. 2019


Laboratory of Graphic design, Advertising and Communication (IUSVE)
Teachers: Aurelio Chinellato, Giovanni Claudio Noventa

Francesca Fincato, Greta Lancerin, David Sarappa, Ilaria Zilio

Project placed third in the university contest
Colle Santa Lucia, in the Belluno area, is a village of a few hundred inhabitants, but rich in a mining and historical heritage that makes it unique. The goal we have set ourselves is to make the Fursil Mines an economic driving force for the town. Mida" was born from the assumptions of the project process, an acronym that stands for "Mines of the Lamb" (an animal symbol of the Episcopal principality of Bressanone, which operated in the Colle Santa Lucia area) but at the same time also for "Mines - Dolomites - Agordino", which recall the geographical location of the mining site. To a more attentive ear, however, and perhaps not an expert in the subject, Midas will also sound familiar as the name of the mythical king of Phrygia who transformed everything he touched into precious metal. This reference is significant because it refers directly to the mythical tradition, to fairy tales, to children's imagination, and is therefore essential to favour the identification of Colle Santa Lucia with a fairy-tale and legendary town.

Concept, Editorial content and layout, Graphic design, Illustration, Group coordination.