Mar. - Jul. 2020

Education App

Laboratory of systems for interaction
Teachers: Roberta Tassi, Guido Parlato, Mariastella Matera

Elena Buttolo, Caterina Cedone, Francesca Fincato, Marta Monti, Federico Pozzi
Red Pen︎︎︎ web app was created during the covid 19 pandemic with the aim of creating a single platform that primary school teachers and students could use in distance learning. One of the problems highlighted by the research among teachers and parents is the difficulty of having to learn to use multiple platforms, both for pupils and teachers. Another aspect that emerged from the research was the lack of electronic devices, especially in families with several children who have to attend lessons at different times. Therefore, although from the outset it would have been natural to design a web app mainly for PCs, we moved on to a more complex but more accessible challenge: designing a teaching platform that could also be used on smartphones.

Concept, Interaction design, UI and UX, Graphic Design, Web Design, group coordination.