Mar. 2015

“Il Cenno e il Riserbo”
Catalogue of Japanese Prints

21 x 21 cm

Liceo Artistico G. De Fabris, Nove (VI)

Project published the following year about an exhibition
in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy
Il Cenno e il Riserbo is a catalogue commissioned on the occasion of the “Week of Arts”, dedicated to the theme “Journey to the East”, where the Liceo Artistico G. De Fabris hosted a small exhibition of Japanese prints, kindly granted by the Artemisia antiquarian gallery of Thiene. There are over twenty original nineteenth-century woodcuts by some of the most famous and valuable Japanese masters: Hokusai, Hokkei, Gakutei, Eizan and Kuniyoshi.
This exhibition was then proposed again in 2016 in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy.

Concept, Editorial content and layout, Graphic design.