Oct. - Dec. 2018

Special Issue of Wired

20.5x27.5 cm

Baccalaureate Thesis
Designing a magazine that promotes content through the game: Wired re-view.
The title of the work that sums up the design concept and its contents is generated by the encounter of two concepts. The first is “deca” as a synthesis of “dieci” i.e. years that Wired makes, while the second is “metamorphosis”, a summary of his change.
It is therefore inserted in the editorial environment “Dècamorfosi”, a magazine that becomes exceptionally monograph, not only notionistic, but also playful.

This special issue of Wired Italia wants to be a timeless tale of epic human episodes that have changed not only the world thanks to their revolutions, but also the everyday. The content of this publication wants to find the: “Such a rich and varied earthly world where divine powers and human creatures meet, where the fabulous is real, where the toil of bodies and psyche is converted into games of forms”. For academic purposes, born from the incipit of this thesis, it was thus decided to enrich the events described for years in the magazine through an unusual but effective tool: the game.