Sep. 2017


Workshop Iusve “Le idee non dormono mai”

Andrea Barci, Alessia Diotto, Francesca Fincato, David Sarappa, Martina Voltarel, Chiara Zaniol, Roberta Zanon

Winner of the contest “Le idee non dormono mai”
eVe is a social brand created in 2016 by Michele Panizzi and Daniele Molin. The objective of this reality is to raise funds, through the sale of marchandising, to be donated to anti-violence centres in Venice and Mestre.  The brand will be present with an installation at the Venice Biennale, and the intention of the clients is to exploit the visibility of this event to raise awareness among more people, in order to get them to support their cause. The brief called for the creation of a poster campaign to present this event, as well as the installation itself.

Our concept revolves around a gesture that is conventionally considered vulgar, but which is then taken out of context and put into another context where it is loaded with meaning. The action we are going to perform will become the true symbol of the fight against violence against women, because those who choose to support the cause of eVe want to overcome these abuses. In addition to the sign, in this case it is moved just below the mouth, it is marked by a red line in the middle of the chin. This new action is not only meant to remind us of the logo itself, but to become an interpreter of it.

Concept, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Photo editing.