Oct. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Il nuovo ordine mondiale dei media.

Lelio Simi



A journey inside the biggest reorganization of the media industry of all time; not simply a series of technological "upgrades", but a real change of scenario.What business models are driving the ongoing changes in media? How does the subscription economy that wants to transform all of us from casual buyers of a product into loyal subscribers of a service work? What are the "recommendation strategies" with which Amazon and Spotify manage to tie us more and more to their endless libraries? Because at the "New Yok Times" for some time now they have been claiming that they want to model themselves on Netflix, a Silicon Valley technology company that produces films but is not at all interested in releasing them in cinemas.

I illustrated the cover and the inside of the book starting from the concepts suggested by the author. The graphic style is in line with that used in the series.